Our Story

We are a mother and daughter team that is seeking to courageously do what God leads us to do! One of those things was to open a ministry to declare the blessings of liberty that we have both in Christ and in America: BOLD (Blessings of Liberty Declared)

We have received so much from the Lord and wanted a place to freely fellowship, share and live out those freedoms! To our surprise and shock, we have learned that many people unfortunately are so willing to give up freedoms because of fear! WE ARE NOT! Though God revealed this "healing and freedom" place many years ago, this past year and a half has catapulted its opening!

If we cannot find a church that walks in faith and not fear to freely gather, learn and worship; we will open one!

If we cannot find a place to shop without a mask, being told where to stand, temperature checks and poison cleansers sprayed; we will open one!

If you are a homeschool parent that needs a place to gather with other like-minded parents and kids; we will open one!

If we cannot send our children to daycare/school without injecting them with poison, being physically and psychologically abused while being indoctrinated with anti-American, anti-God, sexually perverted and racist based divisive and evil doctrines; we will open Private Education Association!

If we cannot visit our loved ones in long term health facilities; we will open one!

If we cannot find a place that has healthy, organic and homemade food to eat; you can have some here!

If you think that you are alone when you don't worship medical doctors, you are not; come here!

If the government makes unlawful laws that they want us to abide by in the public domain; we will open a PMA and be private!

If children are rescued from slavery and need a place to go to receive the love and healing that only Jesus can provide by His Spirit; this will be that place!

If someone is ignorant and they need a place to learn; we will have many resources and people to teach!

If someone is hungry, we will feed them AND teach them how to receive the blessings from God so that they will be in a future position to feed others!

If anyone among you is sick? James 5:14-15 Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will restore the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven!

If you are in prison to sin, addiction, sickness, mental illness, poverty or any other prison: Jesus came to set you FREE! We will share with you His great Grace and love!!

We are thrilled and excited to see all of the pieces of this ministry be fulfilled and we hope that you will join us for this wonderful adventure!